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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Typography Films on the Internet

Here is a post for my Advanced Type class and anyone else that is a lover of type! As new films come out, I will update this post.

Typography Films
+ Really gorgeous organic motion graphics involving type.
+ A person's life in type: The title sequence for Typophile Film Fest 4 done by students and faculty of BYU.
+ The great Abbott and Costello skit "Who's On First?" - just ignore the incorrect apostrophes...
+ And another nice abstract typography film.
+ Here is a very well done Typographics film with quotes from Jeff Keedy & Ellen Lupton.
+ Hoefler & Frere-Jones talk to CBS about typefaces.
+ Paula Scher shows off her Moleskine Journal filled with great hand-drawn type.

Letterpress Films
+ Here is a really well done video about Firefly Press. This explains why letterpress is in my blood.
+ Another letterpress video featuring a good friend of mine, Philip Cheaney.
+ Here is a nice video from the London College of Printing.
+ Amos Kennedy prints with great style and flair.

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Thanks. These are great.

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