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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Open Up The Archive!

The onpaperwings Archive has been opened and a few stray prints have found the light of day!

Recently, I found my Artist Proofs from all of my past letterpress prints. Most of these prints have long been sold out, so I decided to give all of my faithful readers a second chance to purchase these previously sold out prints at a discount.

You can see all of my prints on my Keep Calm Artist Page.

There are only a few APs of each print, so I would suggest purchasing soon, just to be safe as once they are gone, they are gone for good!

About my Artist Proofs: they are prints that didn't quite make the cut to become part of the signed and numbered edition. I am very strict on the quality of my prints and any slight imperfections are rejected for the signed edition.

Because of the nature of letterpress, there are always slight challenges that arise while printing and a few prints aren't quite perfect. Each AP print has a slight imperfection - either a slightly bent corner, some stray ink, or a patchy impression - but many people think this adds to the "uniqueness" of the print!

These prints are signed and instead of having a number of the edition and there is an "AP" in the corner.

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